she came and seemed so happy;

she said: -hey!

and you replied: -Hey! I’m Happiness.

then the other day, another one came

he said: hey…

in 4 shades of sad

and then again you replied:

-Hey! I’m Sadness.

after that, out of nowhere,

a new one appeared

she was so funny

and her laughter

overwhelmingly contagious-

so you smiled and told her a joke:

-Hey, I can be so me with you!

and you’re alone:

finally, the latter one showed up

he unsaid the joke

tendentiously veiled in irony.

he became clear black

and said: hey, I’m Grief!

then sluggishly asked me:

-Who are you?

thus bewildered I said:

-Hey! 19075340_1364550350300551_349589800_n


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