wake up

you woke up,

you barely woke up;

you sighed and thought

“5 more minutes that I need, please”

so you begged yourself to feel

a bit longer dead:

sleep.                                                                  images

you woke up

then again you peevishly asked for some minutes

to feel how it feels not to feel at all

conscious, or aware of our mawkish reality

“so life”- you begged, “let me die a bit”-

don’t sleep.

stand up and aimlessly move your legs

go there- but where?

brush your teeth, look into the mirror

see not yourself, but just a weary face-

not yours, another’s.

feel empty for the rest of the day,

drown in drowse and act dim,

the disappearance of the insides

so dull

and grey

lacking the You in Self and the Self in You,

yourself is divided:

Self craves for some minutes of death

and after a day of living

You get home-



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