having the self covered

Here comes the night again and then

There is me embracing it with all my being.

I must declare, its blackness isn’t gladdening me,

Nor it’s making me sad.

It’s just there and I,

I’m here.                                  pandora__s_box_by_cursedcubbies.jpg

We coexist in nothingness

And we’re nothing to exist.

My fingers stretch my skin

Around my eye

Trying to awaken it in the present

Because… you won’t believe it,

But it sometimes just

 rolls slightly trying to

Take a look into the past

Summoning its senses back.

Nary a thing to see as

Long ago I convinced it to have

Unseen all the unpleasant and

Trap it in a forgotten cage.

Veiled the withered times

And canvased the „I”

Painting it in a greenish feeling;

Elpis exists, unbeknownst to my

Deceived self by itself.

As long as you want to plunder

The depths of buried times,

Don’t try to look me in the “I”

You might unlock Pandora’s box.


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